Monday, July 27, 2009

Lily's new pants

Front view
Originally uploaded by WeeBeaks
I finally finished these I started early last week. These are the "Alma" pants from the Ottobre 4/08 issue, design #6. I skipped the zipper/functional fly and stitched that closed. It called for elastic back, flat front styling, which I wanted to try for her. I think that came out cute. I did buttonhole elastic for the back so they can adjust for her, and did cuffs that I can let down for an extra inch also. I made them to go with the shirt from last fall that still fits. Although trying it on today I'm thinking I better be planning a backup shirt as this one is getting a little bit short in the torso though the sleeves are still perfect. We'll see how long it lasts. The pants are from baby cord, so they are meant for fall. Lily, however, saw her new outfit and started stripping off her current one to try them on. She loves new clothing. She wouldn't let me take them back off her despite the temperature here today, so there she is in long sleeves and cord pants on a HOT day.