Thursday, April 28, 2011

Ottobre 3/07 #28

Ottobre 3/07 #28 by WeeBeaks
Ottobre 3/07 #28, a photo by WeeBeaks on Flickr.

I'm done finally with a pair of pants for Zach, Ottobre 3/07 #28, cropped cargo pants, in a ripstop material but not the usual nylon-y feel. Not sure exactly what the material is honestly, but it is a good lightweight for summer but sturdy too. These have bellows front pockets, pleated knees, one back pocket and drawstring with toggles on the legs. Zach approves!

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Burda 7/08 #137 romper, Ottobre 2/03 #3 hat

I finally have sewn some summer things, just in time for the weather to turn a little cooler again this week. But they will fit for a little bit longer so it should warm up again. This is a romper from Burda magazine 7/2008. I had forgotten I had that issue, until I saw another review on of this romper. I dashed down to the sewing area, and sure enough I had saved this magazine from 2008. Woohoo for being a hoarder of patterns apparently. I love the fit, and it was very easy to make. The bonnet is so simple it took me maybe 1/2 hour, from Ottobre 2/2003, another hoarded pattern magazine. She got to wear her new set happily on a hot day too.