Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Kwik Sew 3423

Kwik Sew 3423 by WeeBeaks
Kwik Sew 3423, a photo by WeeBeaks on Flickr.

Today's project was a nightgown for Eden. I used Kwik Sew 3423, which I have owned quite a while. The fabric was some given to me, and turned out perfect IMHO for the nightgown.

Thursday, July 19, 2012

For a trade

For a trade by WeeBeaks
For a trade, a photo by WeeBeaks on Flickr.

I'm still sewing consistently, just not blogging as much! :)

This was for a trade (I get a table runner!). Top is Ottobre 1/12, skirt Ottobre 2/04 and leggings from Sewing Clothes Kids Love book. I love how this one came together.

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Knit summer dress

Knit summer dress by WeeBeaks
Knit summer dress, a photo by WeeBeaks on Flickr.

This also is from Ottobre 3/08. See my last post regarding sticking with one issue and seeing what I can do.

Well, maybe a cheated just a little. The 3/08 dress is for a woven, including the attached panty. I used an interlock knit, so downsized the pattern. Interlock is considerably thicker than the suggested voiles and batiste suggested for this dress, so I already had a thick bodice/skirt seam. The original pattern had a gathered top of the attached panty and was baggier. That wasn't going to work well. I finally merged this pattern with the bottom half of the bodysuit pattern from Ottobre 3/10, which is a slim onesie-type shirt. That worked very well. The top of the attached panty (red in the photo) is only the exact width of the bodice, so adding as little bulk as possible.

I also lengthened the skirt portion of this by 4 inches as the original showed the panty. It is meant for a crawling baby or early toddler, so a long skirt would be a big hindrance. Eden walks well so could have a longer skirt.

Ottobre 3/08 top and pants

IMG_1011 by WeeBeaks
IMG_1011, a photo by WeeBeaks on Flickr.

I've been sewing but not blogging. Of the two, I would rather sew. However, since I love reading blogs, I share what I make too.

I'm trying a new thing. I always feel I'm underutilizing my Ottobre magazines. I have all the kids issues from 2003 to present in English and some of the older issues in other languages. There are just so many wonderful patterns and so little time though that I jump around here and there, whatever catches my eye. To change it up, I picked an issue (3/08) and am sewing and sewing (and sewing) from that one issue. It is time efficient in that I'm not pulling things out and putting back. Most of all I feel I'm really utilizing an issue.

Both the top and ruffle shorts are from 3/08, both for Eden. Someone gave me the cotton woven (it is actually a nice teal, not as dark as the photo) long ago. I'm glad to use it. Just this week someone mailed me a surprise package of trims, and the purple bias is from that (thanks Crys if you are reading!). The knit for the shirt I actually purchased, but this was the last little remnant of it, barely enough for a little toddler shirt.

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Ottobre 1/04 jeans

IMG_4770 by WeeBeaks
IMG_4770, a photo by WeeBeaks on Flickr.

These are the jeans in Ottobre issue 1/2004 with the pockets that wrap around from the front to the back. We did our pair in denim. They came out just slightly large, but Zach really likes them, especially the roomy pockets.

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Dreaming of summer

IMG_4688 by WeeBeaks
IMG_4688, a photo by WeeBeaks on Flickr.
It's cold and rainy here so I'm sewing some summer stuff, dreaming. This is McCall 5304 for Eden. For a big 3 pattern, it doesn't run too badly, a little baggy but then again she is a little skinny for her height. I did lengthen the top for her as it ran a tad short. I used up some embroidered pink check seersucker I bought when Lily was a baby. Lily got a matchy dress, of which I do not have even a passable photo. I will be glad when it is warmer and not raining so I can get photos outside!

Monday, February 13, 2012

Kwik Sew 2911

Kwik Sew 2911 by WeeBeaks
Kwik Sew 2911, a photo by WeeBeaks on Flickr.

I made two of these, one in a T1 shown here and one in a size T4 for Lily. This Kwik Sew pattern is so awesome I was able to complete both the same day, including tracing the pattern. Eden actually wears more 18mos or 2T, but this pattern really runs a bit big in the smallest size (T1). The T4 fit Lily pretty well, and she wears a 4. Fleece was just a remnant from Joanns, super cheap but decent quality, thick. I'm a happy mama to have these done as it is really chilly here this week, unseasonally so.

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Outfit for Eden

IMG_4560 by WeeBeaks
IMG_4560, a photo by WeeBeaks on Flickr.

Finally got this finished! Pants were actually done around the first part of the year, but top not until more than 2 weeks later.

Pants from a Japanese pattern book, 80 cm size, of a furry fleece from the Joanns remnant bin (super cheap!). Top of green cotton lycra with Urban Threads embroidery, pattern from a vintage Simplicity pattern. Baby styles really haven't changed in oh the last 30+ years too much.