Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Knit summer dress

Knit summer dress by WeeBeaks
Knit summer dress, a photo by WeeBeaks on Flickr.

This also is from Ottobre 3/08. See my last post regarding sticking with one issue and seeing what I can do.

Well, maybe a cheated just a little. The 3/08 dress is for a woven, including the attached panty. I used an interlock knit, so downsized the pattern. Interlock is considerably thicker than the suggested voiles and batiste suggested for this dress, so I already had a thick bodice/skirt seam. The original pattern had a gathered top of the attached panty and was baggier. That wasn't going to work well. I finally merged this pattern with the bottom half of the bodysuit pattern from Ottobre 3/10, which is a slim onesie-type shirt. That worked very well. The top of the attached panty (red in the photo) is only the exact width of the bodice, so adding as little bulk as possible.

I also lengthened the skirt portion of this by 4 inches as the original showed the panty. It is meant for a crawling baby or early toddler, so a long skirt would be a big hindrance. Eden walks well so could have a longer skirt.

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