Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Book review: The Magic Pattern Book

Amy Barickman, of Indigo Junction Patterns, has put out a pattern book for women with 6 basic patterns, made up into 36 different styles.  However, the owner of this book is far from limited to the 36 ideas.  The patterns really are timeless and can be worn in a classic style or easily updated to mimic current styles in stores.  Amy shows you a few variations that are popular currently, but I can easily see where these could be adapted in the future to newer styles coming out as most "new" styles are still based on the lines of classic items.  Once you are shown the basic and her modifications, you have experience modifying and can take off from there on your own. 

The book would probably be best for someone with at least minimal sewing experience, but the author does not assume anything either.  Very basic finishing techniques, etc., are covered quite adequately.  Beyond that, this author takes on needle choices, fabric choices, hemming techniques and even making your own bias tape in a very easy manner.  I love that part.  Items are also shown sewn up in different fabrics so you can see the differences it would make, and fabric suggestions are given as well.  She doesn't stick to just cottons or more items, but covers some woolens and bamboo mixes too, which are more and more readily available in yardage.  She also covers using repurposed fabric, a fabulous current trend. 

In addition to modifications to the basic patterns, the book does cover common fitting issues encountered, including how to properly measure yourself, and includes a measurement recording area in the book for you to put your own measurements, aiding you in fitting the original base garment and any modifications. 

Both the written explanations and directions are clear, as are the illustrations for garment construction, similar to any good sewing manual or good pattern instruction sheet. 

The pictures are inspiring; no ugly "old person" fashions to be seen.  And, hey, I'm not terribly young so I don't mean disrespect there but I have to admit some of the sewing patterns out there are shown in very unfavorable fashion even when worn by a gorgeous young model.  These styles in the book are worn by beautiful but varying age and shape women, and each one looks wonderful.  That says a lot. 

I rate this book 5 stars based on the content of the text.  I received a complimentary ecopy via Netgalley for review.  I did not have access to the patterns themselves to make up and try.  However, I have used Indigo Junction Patterns in the past (the pattern company by this author), and have found them to be very well designed patterns.  Therefore I do not hesitate to recommend it based on prior experience with Indigo Junction Patterns as for the basic fit.  I have preordered this one, and will update after publication hopefully when I start to make these up.  I can't wait!

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