Thursday, September 24, 2009

New Pants!

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Zach is very hard to fit now that he is 7 years old, pretty average height, but still under 50 pounds with a 20 inch waist! We have been getting those adjustable waist pants with okay results, but each year they get baggier and saggier as he grows up but doesn't grow out much. It is especially hideous looking in dress pants, so these became a necessity to sew. I settled on Simplicity 5732 for my pattern for him and sewed these up. I measured a bit off the first time, and these too are a little large, but much better than typically and a belt makes them definitely wearable. I just picked his size based on hip/waist and lengthened them. I will definitely be sewing this pattern again. It had a lot of nice features seen in menswear, such as the back seam sewn last extending into the waistband for easy alterations, real fly, side seam pockets, pleats, belt carriers, etc. It did have the hidden button plus hook/eye closure in the front, but I modified that to have a hook/eye plus a snap as I thought the button would be a little difficult for him still. And he will have a nicer shirt than that t-shirt when he wears these. :)

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  1. I have been struggling with the same problem with my son. He is now 11 and has outgrown the jeans/panst with elastic button adjustments inside the waistband. He is tall, healthy and skinny, with no hips for store bought pants to hang on. I have started making sweatpants for him but feel I should graduate to dressier pants like these.