Monday, February 1, 2010

Lily's first summer set done

Lily's first summer set done
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This is the "Piparminttu" jersey pinafore dress from the new Ottobre 1/2010 issue. It is the first sewing I have really done since Christmas, aside from mending some things and small items finished up that I started in November and December.

I found this dress to run very very wide. I actually narrowed it about 1/2 inch in both front and back prior to sewing, but it is still wide, wider than it actually looks in the picture. The lower armholes gape quite a bit. It is a cute style, but I want to narrow it more if I make it again.

Have I mentioned lately that I hate doing knit bindings? This striped ribknit stretched horribly and, even after steaming, it doesn't look great. Oh well, knowing Lily, it will be stained after a wearing or two anyway and won't matter.

Her leggings are "capri" leggings from Ottobre 1/07. I did like that pattern a lot and plan to make more of those. They are longer than capri on her now, but it is only February 1st, and these are for summer, so I have to make build in an inch or so of growth room at least. :)

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  1. Cute outfit! Good to know that it runs wide...I was wondering about that. My kids are the same way about staining their