Thursday, June 4, 2009

"Cuddle Monster"

"Cuddle Monster"
Noah was with me at the Joann's last week and was browsing the pattern book when he came across the patterns for stuffed toys. Those of course caught his attention, and he requested one. After much deliberation, he chose a little freebie idea sheet for a fleece monster. He had specific criteria though:
1. NOT Scary
2. No mouth
3. "Happy eyes"
4. Blue
5. With arms and legs "to hug me"

So I modified the pattern at bit and here is what he got. It is far from perfect. I love to sew but crafty little critters are not my forte, not at all. I refused to buy fleece for this thing so he is made from the arm of a repurposed sweater. His arms and legs are felt instead of fleece. Noah loves him no matter how ugly he is.

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  1. Your little monster is sweet and is no way ugly. Your little one is going to adore it more than anything you would ever buy. I love your clothes, I can barely sew straight lines as it is but I will attempt clothing, one day.