Monday, June 29, 2009

Today's sewing really was an adventure

Printable pattern requiring taping a zillion pieces of paper together, slightly too little fabric requiring creative cutting, slippery silky material, broken needles, tension problems, on and on. And the end result was hideous on me. Bah. What a rotten sewing day.

I was working on Kwik Sew 2627, which I got from Print Sew. Currently, it is a free download! That is about the only plus from my perspective. Don't get me wrong; I typically LOVE Kwik Sew patterns. I looked at this and thought it may be a nice easy summer dress. I was a tad concerned it would look like a shapeless sack on me, so I carefully chose view C, with the ties, and did my usual size for the top, grading up slightly for the skirt as I'm a pear shape. I shortened it as even the knee length version was going to be calf length on me.

Well, the size that usually fits great was too wide, way too wide, in the shoulder. I had already test fitted the back pieces, usually my problem, and did an adjustment so that the back neck would not gape. That went great. It was everything else that didn't look good. The fit honestly wasn't terrible at the end except for the neckline, but it just did not suit me at all. So into the trashcan and on with the next project. I think I'm going to do something for Lily or the boys. Their stuff usually fits nicely and looks good on them. Much more satisfying than this.

So, my opinion? The pattern is free right now if you are willing to print it. It runs a tad shapeless so if you are trying to accent a waist, do the tie version at least. For taller people or more of a straight up and down bodytype, it would probably suit you (but then most things probably do!). I'm really not out too much at least with a free pattern and some fabric I have had for years. So all is not lost, but discouraging all the same.

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