Monday, June 1, 2009

Ottobre 3/2007 baby dress as a tunic

Front view


Top is baby dress, design #1 of 3/07, worn as a tunic. I used a sz 68 lengthened 1-1/2 inches (she wears a 74-80 typically). I replaced the ribbons with snaps. I only had enough fabric with the roses for the front and one part of the back, so I did the sleeves in pink to tie in the pink half of the back. Then I decided to do the pants to match and it came together. For once I really like my "oops" in fabric shortage and my workaround. LOL

The pants are #3 of 3/2007, "pants with frills" minus the frills and pockets. I did a sz 86 hips and 74 length, but they are still too short in the rise for her with her cloth diapers. That is a common problem for us, which is why I sized up, but I didn't add quite enough. That's okay; it's not visible under her tunic and she seems to think they are comfortable!

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