Monday, March 28, 2011

Sleeper Kwik Sew 1037

IMG_3157 by WeeBeaks
IMG_3157, a photo by WeeBeaks on Flickr.

I have been sewing, just PJs though, nothing terribly exciting. This one came out cute though, I think. It is from an old pattern, Kwik Sew 1037, for a baby sleeper. I made her a large, size 6-12 mos, and it fits her quite well at 8 months of age. The zipper extends far down the leg, which is fantastic. I was even thrilled to discover a vintage turquoise zipper in my stash to match the fabric - woohoo!


  1. Got to love it when you find a matching zipper in your stash! The sleeper is darling on her, I like the owls.

  2. The PJs are darling, but oh! the baby! those eyes! that expression! You're a lucky woman! :-)