Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Summer swingy sundress

IMG_3115 by WeeBeaks
IMG_3115 a photo by WeeBeaks on Flickr.

I've been sewing, just not posting. I'm probably not going to go back and blog about what I have been sewing honestly, so I'll just carry on I guess. Or maybe I'll go back and pick out some favorite projects to blog. I can't decide. One thing is for sure though - I'm a terrible blogger in terms of consistency.

Today's sewing fit tidily into the kids' quiet time. I saw an infant sundress on YouCanMakeThis that I just loved, but it was for little tiny girls (babies). I wanted something similar for my 3yo, but with a closed back as the original I loved had an open back with bloomers. She is kind of growing out of that per se. I was going to start modifying a standard A-line when my eye fell on a vintage pattern from my MIL. It was a size 2, so I had to modify a bit for a size 3, but not bad at all. And best of all, it has pockets even! She loves pockets, and it would not have occurred to me honestly to add the pockets. So we are happy, and this was sooo easy - got to love a project that fits into an hour and a half or so start to finish.

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  1. It's adorable and looks perfect for twirling!