Thursday, March 10, 2011

Shame on you FabricMartFabrics

Updated: Well, my fabric did arrive, and it is very nice. More update on that later ... with pictures!

So in February, I finally had my sewing budget not used and decided to join Julie's Picks swatch club from FabricMartFabrics. At the time (up until yesterday in fact, more later), it stated "12 monthly" swatch packets would be sent to me for the $50 fee. I joined, and received February's mailer (I joined in the first half of February). Since January fabrics were still listed on the site, I expected to receive January's mailer as well. Finally, it irritated me enough that I emailed yesterday to inquire of the site. I got a terse reply via email today, no apology for misleading, nothing - swatches for January would not be sent to me as apparently they only make enough based on "fall membership campaign" if the email is to believed. They did change their site yesterday.

So, while I did enjoy the February mailer very much, I have to say my Fabric Mart experience so far has left a decidedly distasteful impression on me, and my fabric hasn't even arrived yet ... let's hope the fabric is nice because customer service seems to leave something to be desired. The price doesn't change but what you get does go down every single month into the year. The swatches are nice though I have to admit, so the jury is out whether I will ever try this again with them next year. Perhaps it was a simple mistake, not thought through on their wording. I hope so.

Here is what it stated when I purchased, notice specifically the term "12 monthly mailers" ... which is only true if you join in January or earlier.

Benefits of a subscription to Julie’s Picks
  • Approximately 30 fabric samples sent to your door monthly
  • See and feel fabrics before buying
  • Exclusive discounts on fabrics, notions and more! (changes monthly)
  • Fashion drawings and pattern ideas to help you decide how to use each fabric
  • $25.00 coupon to use towards any website or Julie’s Picks order
2011 Julie’s Picks annual subscription fee is $50.00. (12 monthly mailers)

Subscription includes a $25.00 coupon for any website or Julie’s Picks order. (Coupon will be sent with your mailer)

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  1. well, that's annoying. doubly so, because in the past Fabric Mart had really, really good customer service. If you emailed them, one of the two women working there replied right away and were helpful and prompt in their responses. I'm not 100% sure those women still work there, however, and I haven't bought fabric for many months. Also, why do you have to pay $50 for a sample club that you're only getting 3 months out of (if you were to subscribe in September, for instance)? Should there be a pro-rated fee? That doesn't really seem like the way to encourage customers. Presumably they don't want people to sign up for this service any time but January. (In fact now that I think about it, it may have been in the past you only COULD sign up in January... hmmm....)

    Well, hopefully this was an abberation. I've always had really good customer service from them, so hopefully you'll have a better experience next time you order! Let us know if you don't!